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Valued Services with Honest, Transparent Costs

ICPlus prides itself on custom "value added payment essentials" that can be quickly and cost-effectively implemented into a portfolio of Payment Processing Services that is right for you.

By pledging to be your long term partner, as well as help you truly maximize your investment in payment processing technology and services over those who play the Low Ball Initial Price Quote; (with many non disclosed/hidden rates/terms/fees), your company will never feel that you were taken, misled or convinced to pay more or buy more than you ever really need!

About Interchange Plus Merchant Services

Serving Merchants Across the US Across

Based in beautiful San Diego, California, our organization was built on a single premise- To accurately assess the complete payment processing needs of our clients, offer the right combination of products and services, and do so using interchange based pricing that explicitly represents the actual costs you can expect to pay doing business with us!

Knowledgeable, flexible, supportive and representing only the industry’s leading processors and equipment providers, ICPlus is your consultative sales resource for all types of payment processing services.

With ICPlus, you don’t need numerous service providers, different sales reps, multiple numbers, or contacts when it comes to your payment processing needs!

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With over 25 years of combined experience in the industry, why trust such a critical part of your business to just anyone? The experts at I.C. Plus are ready to provide consultation, implementation, and  ongoing service and expertise to help your business stay on top of the ever-changing industry of payment processing and merchant services!

Diverse Solutions

Because ICPlus is not limited to representing only one processor, equipment manufacturer, or service provider, our team of highly trained consultants remain unbiased in their evaluation and potential solutions. Our ability and flexibility to solve all types of payment needs do not make us the jack of all trades; instead we leverage our diverse knowledge base, past experience and great resource base to ensure every merchant has the right solutions based upon the industry type and unique circumstance.