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Rates on a merchant cash advance are typically higher than other small business loan options (sometimes higher than triple digit annualized interest rates). An MCA provider will often approve an advance for a business that might not qualify for a business loan, but has a steady influx of credit card payments. Any business owner considering this option should make sure he or she understands the terms being offered so they can make an informed decision about potential ROI.

A merchant cash advance allows a business owner who accepts credit card payments or has other payment or receivables streams to obtain an advance of the funds regularly flowing through the business’ merchant account. A merchant cash advance (MCA) is not a loan, but rather an advance based upon the future revenues or credit card sales of a business. A small business can apply for an MCA and have an advance deposited into its account fairly quickly. At IC Plus, we can quickly assess your current financial conditions to determine what type of MCA your business qualifies for!

What We Need to Determine Your Ability to Get a Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant cash advance providers evaluate risk and weight credit criteria differently than a traditional banker might. An MCA provider looks at the daily receivables or credit card receipts to determine if the business can pay back the advance in a timely manner. Basically, the small business is selling a portion of future future revenues or credit card sales to acquire capital immediately.

Merchant Cash Advance Programs to Help Generate Working Capital

In order to assist and expedite obtaining an advance, the following paperwork is required:

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