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With the October 2015 fraud liability shift, merchants who do not implement EMV-compliant terminals will be responsible for certain types of fraud. Planning an EMV migration strategy is a top priority for all merchants. At I.C. Plus, we offer merchants state-of-the-art, EMV compliant terminals, preprogrammed and ready to plug and play. Our commitment to helping you make the smooth and successful transition from your previous terminals, pinpads and other out of date equipment to new technology and procedures is a big part of why partnering with I.C. Plus is an ongoing commitment on our part!

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Point of Sale EMV Terminals, Pinpads and Equipment

The latest terminals and pinpads, paired with your new network, such as  First Data (FD series), Sage and Paymentech  (VX series) can be purchased, downloaded, tested and shipped immediately, along with training on using the new equipment properly. 

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